• Design & Engineering

Land Development Services

This group of services are geared towards obtaining approvals for land development or redevelopment that fall under the Planning Act. Our aim is to obtain development approvals in a holistic manner to ensure project success.

The process typically commences with an assessment of project goals, site conditions, environmental constraints, and expectations of the public. This approach safeguards the financial viability of the project while aiming for speedy approvals. Whenever possible, applications are submitted in parallel to minimize delays.

Development projects will typically require one or more of the following approvals:

  1. Official Plan Amendment
  2. Zoning By-Law Amendment
  3. Draft Plans of Subdivisions
  4. Site Plan Approvals
  5. Consent (Severance) Applications
  6. Variance Applications

Pre-Design Services

This is one of the most important and often-neglected steps in a development project. This aspect of the project is about analyzing and planning future aspects of the project, and occurs a great deal prior to building design. Some tasks that we typically perform during the pre-design stage include:

  1. Establishing project goals
  2. Site Selection
  3. Site Analysis
  4. Title Search
  5. Zoning Analysis
  6. Existing Building Analysis
  7. Programming
  8. Budgeting
  9. Pro-Forma
  10. Project Team Selection

Design Services

Through an iterative approach, we begin to create a functional layout, form and fabric for your building. This is a multistep processes that leads to a final drawing package that will allow a project to be built. There are three main phases during the design process:

  1. Schematic Design Phase
  2. Design Development Phase
  3. Construction Documents Phase

Within each phase, varying matters and details are addressed. Once the drawings get to an adequate level of detail, a drawing package is submitted to the local municipality for approval of building permits.

Construction Admin Services

During construction of your project, our role is to help ensure the project is built to the specifications and drawings that formed the basis of the contract. Often, there are questions, RFIs, and other deviations from the original plans that require an impartial assessment or practical solution.

We regularly visit the site to observe details and ensure proper design execution. CA Services that we typically conduct include:

  1. Bid Document Preparation
  2. Project Tendering, Bid Evaluations and Contract Award
  3. Construction Inspection
  4. Engineering Services
  5. Performance and Acceptance
  6. Payment Certification
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